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The Enhanced Primary Care Officer (EPC) is responsible for conducting Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Checks.

An ATSI health check covers an individual’s status based on their health and wellbeing. It involves a visit with the EPC officer and a follow consult with a Doctor. Throughout this health check issues can be identified and managed in regards to individual, family health and needs.


An ATSI health check can take up to one hour of your time and you receive a gift once the check has been completed. Most children’s health checks are conducted before the new school year starts and a back to school pack is received.


Once you have an ATSI health check you are eligible to access our other Allied Health Services here at the AMS and also referred onto services within mainstream health care if needed. It is recommended that you have an ATSI health check every 9 months as it is important to monitor your health status and wellbeing. Having an ATSI health check also entitles you to a nine months worth of free appointments with the Dentist.

The EPC officer also conducts hearing screenings which involve a hearing test if you are having concerns in regards to your hearing. Screening for ears and eyes are also conducted on children in their school environment once a year as a prevention and intervention of ear infection and impaired vision.

To book an appointment for your ATSI health check or a hearing check just call the AMS reception on 0269620000, also a reminder letter is posted to you when your next health check is due.


Having a health Check?

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