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The Griffith AMS has acquired the services of a Dentist who works four days a week, Monday - Thursday from 8am - 4pm.


The Dental Service is  open to all clients, though if you are Non-Indigenous there will be a fee unless you have an emergency dental/child benefit voucher.


Aboriginal clients of the AMS will need to book in to have a health check first & then Reception will book you for a dental appointment upon completion.


For Aboriginal people who don’t use the Griffith AMS you need to bring in proof of Aboriginality and book in to have a health check here at GAMS which will make you eligible for 9 months worth of free appointments with the Dentist.


Non-Indigenous clients can book straight in. The first consult appointment will be around $140. This is just a basic first appointment, we could possibly do work on the first appointment but there will be additional costs which we will discuss with you first..

If you have an emergency dental appointment please bring your Medical & Concession cards with you.

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