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The Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service also hosts the Alcohol & Other Drugs program. This service is part of a larger Regional Drug & Alcohol support network.

Along with our Alcohol & Other Drugs (AOD) counterparts in Murrin Bridge AMS, Wagga RivMed, & Albury AWAHS, our Drug & Alcohol Caseworkers deliver local & outreach AOD support services across the whole Riverina region, providing Drug & Alcohol support to Aboriginal communities and individuals wishing to make positive changes to their & their family’s lives.

Services Provided & Offered are:

· Drug & Alcohol Detoxification admission & discharge support.

· Drug & Alcohol Counselling.

· Drug & Alcohol Support Groups, both Womens Group &

Griffith Aboriginal Mens Shed.

· Drug & Alcohol information & education to individuals,

communities & High School students.

· Advocacy & referral to other services & agencies which

may assist in the individual’s recovery.

The referral process to our D&A program is made very easy, simply call the Griffith AMS on 6962 0000 and ask to speak with one of our AOD team. Your enquiry is respectfully treated as “Strictly Confidential” and an appointment will be made to meet with one of our AOD Caseworkers.

With your participation and assistance we will conduct an assessment to identify your individual strengths & weaknesses regarding the surrounding AOD issues, & help you design a progress plan with the various options available to choose from within your uniquely individual set of personal circumstances.


Our AOD Caseworkers are highly trained, qualified & experienced, with a strong local knowledge of the area and the communities which they service, and extremely aware of the sensitive nature of the issues which challenge and afflict some individuals within our Aboriginal community.


Fred Carberry

Alcohol & Other

Drugs Worker

Vickie Louise


Regional Alcohol & Other Drugs Coordinator


Vicki Simpson

Alcohol & Other

Drugs Worker


Josephine Williams

Alcohol & Other

Drugs Worker


Trey Eldridge

Alcohol & Other

Drugs Worker

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