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Care Coordination means working collaboratively with the patient and GP to assist in the provision of care and services that help a person with a chronic condition to manage their health in a way that will result in the optimal health outcome for them.


Eligibility for Aboriginal Chronic Care Program Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service:

Client must be ATSI to make an appointment to see their GP at Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service to discuss their eligibility for the program.

Client must have one or more of the following chronic illnesses for (6) months or longer:

  •  Diabetes

  •  Cardiovascular disease

  •  Respiratory disease

  •  Renal disease

  •  Cancer

The GP provides a completed referral to the coordinator of the program who then makes contact with the client and arranges a meeting to discuss their chronic care coordination needs.

The team consists of 5 dedicated staff offering support to clients of the Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service.

If you require the assistance of the Chronic Care Team, please call the Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service on 0269620000

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