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The Board oversees the strategic direction of the Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service. It has a ‘light hand on the shoulder’ approach endorsing, guiding and advising staff when most appropriate.

The Board is comprised of 7 community elected members who are elected on a 3 year term. The Board elects their executive (Chairperson, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer). The current board members are:

  • Lynette Kilby ( Chair )

  • Kathy McKenzie ( Deputy Chair )

  • Madison Penrith ( Treasurer )

  • James Williams 

  • Jessica Judd

  • Norma O'Hara

  • Maria Williams


Board members are focused on the policy, planning, monitoring and endorsing aspects of their role and

leave the CEO and staff to undertake the day to day operation of Griffith AMS.

Board meetings are held on a monthly basis in line with the constitution. The CEO attends all Board meetings, in order to provide advice to the Board.

Griffith Aboriginal Medical Service is regulated by The Office of Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) and by its adopted Rules of Association.

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